But now Nasa needs to go a step further – by getting astronauts to stay there. The house company is hoping to make this “next giant leap in deep house exploration” within the subsequent decade. Your 2019 house calendar! What can be occurring? President Trump plans new moon landing! To have the ability to make this dream a reality they’ll must develop new know-how with “reusable programs for astronauts to land on the Moon”. If it really works possibly they might live in homes made out of these special space bricks, and develop their own food on the lunar floor.

send astronauts to the moon

The Astronauts On The Moon

Would you wish to reside on the Moon? Tell us why within the comments below. Back in December 2017, US President Donald Trump ordered Nasa to start out planning a new mission to the Moon. So what precisely is the plan? Nasa’s Jim Bridenstine is calling for American companies to help develop these human lunar landers which may help maintain “a sustainable, human presence beyond Earth’s orbit”. Mr Bridenstine mentioned industry partners who may be ready to help develop lunar landers can be visiting Nasa’s headquarters subsequent week. I wish to be clear – that is not our vision. We are going to the moon with innovative new technologies and programs to explore extra places throughout the surface than we ever thought potential.

They thought they have been seeing volcanoes. The knowledge was launched, however this was before it was realized the Moon had no volcanic exercise. If the brilliant areas weren’t volcanoes, what did the astronauts see? At the time, Buzz Aldrin mentioned the vibrant spots within the craters had been the brightest factor he could see. After it was discovered and revealed that there are not any volcanoes on the Moon, the illuminated areas have been never talked about again. Because there aren’t any volcanoes, the astronauts didn’t see vivid areas, proper? This just goes to point out, if something doesn’t match into NASA’s official model of actuality, they are going to ignore it and pretend it didn’t occur. What else would possibly they have ignored? What has NASA found after which pretended didn’t exist? People have seen odd issues on or around the Moon for as long as they have been taking a look at it.

For centuries folks have seen lights, clouds, and mud moving around on or close to the Moon. Official NASA photographs of the Moon have captured lengthy cigar shaped objects, pyramids, and saucer formed UFOs. Comparisons of sequential photographs have revealed that something is definitely transferring on the surface of the Moon. When an object is photographed in a particular location, then that same object is later photographed in a new location with tracks behind it, It’s not a idea or an opinion, it is a fact. Something is transferring round on the Moon. These tracks look exactly the same as these left by automobiles touring by means of deserts on Earth. The tracks appear, fade, and reappear over time exactly as if Earth-like actions were occurring on the Moon.

NASA Moon pictures have revealed constructions that may only be described as pyramids. The configuration of these pyramids on the Moon match perfectly with the pyramids at Giza. Many locations on Earth have pyramids on this identical format.