The moon circles the Earth and it takes him around 27.321661 days. In the mean time the Earth is on its course around the Sun. Therefore the Moon needs to catch up with the Earth. Luckily for her, gravity plays its role and she does not have a choice. It takes her a little longer to catch up withe Earth and return to the position it was around the new moon. This takes 29.5305882 days. The Sun is also moving and thus the Earth and Moon need to hurry after him, but that is not part of this article.

The full Moon

Since the Moon circles the Earth we can see her face as the Sun reflects on her surface. Because of her own axis rotation, we always see only one side of her, but the way the sunlight reflects from her makes her appearance different. Lets just say some days she has more light on her face than other days. In her eastward motion around the Earth she goes from dark black, to full white. We call this process her phases. During the full moon we can see more of the moon, but the appearance does not change the gravitational pull of the moon. If the full moon does affect a person it must then be the reflected light and nothing else. This is hard to believe.

Can we see the Moon everyday?

Mostly we can but for a few days she lies in the glare of the sun and we can not see her until she shows herself as a new moon.

Does the full Moon affect me and my emotions?

Though many believe it does, there seems to be no reason why it should affect you and not your neighbor. At 380 to 450 000 kilometers away, the mathematics does not make sense. But what the gravity pull on me as I am filled with water? The moon has a dramatic effect on the eb and flow of the tides does it not?

Depending on where and with who you are.

Yes it does, but you ask me about the full moon right? So I anticipate you talk about the illuminated white face of the moon as seen through the trees on a full moon. A somewhat scary but also a romantic picture. Depending on where and with who you are. What you should know is that the gravitational pull of the moon not only creates a bulge on the side of the earth facing the moon, but also on the opposite side.

And what does this mean?

You tell me. It means that the full moon should thus effect your emotions in the day time around twelve hours later as well. I never heard somebody wanting to howl like a wolf in the middle of the day?

To end I do not think you will feel an emotional difference between the full and new moon. In fact, the new moon which you can not see will have the sun as companion and it should thus have a much greater effect on your emotions. Still, even around the three days where the moon is full you have to explain while you do not feel any different emotions during the day time. Only at night does not make sense?